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1. a well-knit winter sweater, preferably made of real sheep wool or alpaca wool, that keeps you very, very warm.

2. a really trendy sweater that everyone wants to have, but no one dares to wear.

3. the result of a hairy-chested male that lays on top of their sexual partner after a release of ejaculate on to their chest (preferably a female).

4. a shot of bailey's and cognac, topped with fried onion strings.
1. (inner dialogue) It's so cold out, I think I'm going to wear my hot sweater today.

2. (covering mouth with one hand and gesturing with the other) "Daaaaamn son, that cableknit is tight! Thas a HOT sweater right thurrr!"

3. "Jimmy, things got crazy last night. I'm telling you...really crazy. She asked me to give her a hot sweater and now I can't get it out of my hair."

4. "Who wants a shot?" (Sam, raising hand) "After this week of work, I definitely need one. I don't want anything crazy though, so I'll just get a hot sweater. Thanks."
by rudeman82 January 20, 2011

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