the coolest place you could possibly be. a gathering where someone by the name of zak or brad will get the party bumpin' and a hot spot will be named. people get mad when there is a hot spot because they usually get left out.
Anthony missed the hot spot because he is a total loser face.
by Hot Spot Zak July 24, 2009
Top Definition
a sometimes unknown area of the human body when touched, licked, or blowed on may arouse
I found his hot spot is on his neck; i sucked the hell out of it
by some1 October 20, 2003
a spot on the body that can barely ever be touched cause of its powerful impact. if you touch youll get fucked so hard and so good you will never want to be fucked for a long ass time.
man he touched her spot and she jumped on him!!!
by NEVER BEEN KISSED March 10, 2005
An area with wireless Internet available (usually a coffee shop or a bookstore). It can be accessed with laptops or other wi-fi comaptible devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.
There are around 150 hotspots in this city.
by RavenousPlant February 20, 2006
A hotspot is a location that offers Internet access over Wi-Fi through the use of a router. Public establishments, such as coffee shops, have 'free-to-access' hotspots for their customers all over the world.
Hotspots can be found using crowdsourced online mapping databases - allowing mobile applications to use this data to provide location-based hotspot finding. Most large establishments provide a free wireless network infrastructure throughout franchises and brands.

Origin - 'hot' as a metaphorical use, 'spot' as a known/identifiable location.
by YSoliman July 26, 2012
1. Plain and simple, the penis or the vagina.
2. The erogenous zones that constitute ones definition of personal sense of erotica.
Girl: I felt ur hotspot when we pressed up today babe.
Guy: This dick was meant 4 u baby!
by CITH March 08, 2006
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