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Practical joke preformed while at a stop light on a beggar. As the beggar comes to the window a penny is heated in the cigarette lighter. When he extends his hand to receive a gift the hot penny is placed in his hand. This causes fantastic levels of pain in beggar (screaming is likely to occur) but he needs the money so he doesn't let go. Administer of joke should drive off quickly.
Sue - "I can't believe you just did that!"
Jack - "What!? The hot penny trick? It's a little something called a practical joke, I wouldn't expect you to understand"
Sue - "I don't see anything practical about it!"
Jack - "He kept the money didn't he?"
by Devin Hush November 10, 2007
Where a homeless person approaches a car at a stoplight, and some douche decides to heat up a penny with a lighter and give it to them.
This is done under the assumption that the person will keep the penny out of a desperate need, but they're more likely to throw the useless coin back in their face, pull them out of the car and smash their head against the pavement.
Homeless Person: hey, man, got a dollar?
Driver: no, but I've got this. (does hot penny trick)
Homeless Person: Fuck that shit, eat the curb, dumbass!
by champagnesupernova October 11, 2010
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