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Very wild sexual intercourse that may or may not involve the use of monkeys.
After the annual Barn Dance, Joe-Bob and Mary-Joe had hot monkey sex in the stable, waking up all the animals in the process.
by Oprah February 25, 2003
wild, unabashed sexual activity that leaves one or more of the participants howling like deranged monkeys.
After five hours of athletic and dextrous hot monkey sex, both Sarah and Gene were ready for a good night's sleep.
by Rickee April 23, 2003
To engage in vigorously steamy sexual intercourse with someone who is not hot but leaves you screaming for more.
I know Lamont's not hot but he sure is good for hot monkey sex.
by AuntyEm October 18, 2006
Hot Monkey Sex is when two (or more) people have a very sweaty pillow fight (occurs most often in cuba).
"Nick and Laura! Stop having hot monkey sex in our room!" -Kay
by Ami "KittyCat" Mizuno December 13, 2004
Sex in high Tempratures with Monkeys and Dil-do's
Bob and The Monkey had Hot Monkey Sex
by John Smith May 02, 2003
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