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When an attractive woman brings you a hot dog and then proceeds to give you a blow job while you enjoy your hot dog.

Bonus points are given for quality of the BJ and the selection of available condiments for your dog.
After a long day at work, Kimberly rewarded me with a Hot Job. Not only was the head amazing, it was the best damn hot dog I've ever eaten!
by tcbar September 07, 2011
16 0
The act of ejectulating in to a females anus, and then having squat over your penis with her ass and letting her fart the semen on your penis and then giving you then sloppiest BJ you have ever had using her spit and your cum until you then cum again, and she thus sucks you clean.
It makes my dick hard just thinking about a girl wanting to give me a hot job!
by austinwt October 07, 2011
3 5
When someone uses their crap to jerk you off.
When a person, preferably a girl, takes a steamer and uses it to make discarded baby paste - Hot JOB.
by MasterJRC January 17, 2008
5 29