Describing a hot woman or hot women.
"Dude, there is a lot of hot hole running around here"
by DrPMD November 25, 2007
Top Definition
The burning sensation in, on, and around the asshole following one or several shits usually following a spicey meal or stomach flu. Some say the secret to curing this is taking a shower and smearing noxema facial cleansing creme on the effected areas then rinsing after 10 seconds giving you avirtual peppermint patty between your buttcheeks.
Those jalepenio poppers gave me hot hole
by secks on efnet February 09, 2007
Originated in Toledo,Ohio by Nick Cherry. It is when you lick someones anus.
Last night when i gave her a hot hole i got a chunk of corn stuck in my mouth.
by Krispy July 16, 2004

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