From the Little Rascals when one of the kids wood light a match that was stuck between someones toes while their sleeping.
That little bitch lips Miles passed out again on the couch.

Give him a hot foot, and get him off my couch.
Top Definition
An immature prank played by baseball players where one player lights another player's laces on fire.

Roger McDowell of the 1986 New York Mets would skillfully wraps a wad of chewing gum around a lit cigarette, then secretly places the contraption on the heel of an unsuspecting teammate (story from
Mookie Wilson: Do you smell smoke?

Roger McDowell: Nope...

Mookie: Holy shit, my foot is on fire!!!

Roger: Nope, just a hot foot.
by RedBeard53 August 11, 2009
A historical game that has been played to get back at somebody. You take a poop in there shoe and leave it for them to put on at a later time.
"I really got that melon headed bastard back when I gave him a hotfoot"
by Deeznutz8820 May 02, 2010
A surprise attack consisting of a male who takes out his phallus and hits a random persons foot resulting in a "hot foot"

Person One: Bro, ill pay you 10 bucks to give charlie a hot foot.
Person Two: Make it 30 and you got a deal.

Person One: I just got back from giving your mom a hot foot.
Person Two: A hot foot??....
Person One: Yeah you know, when i whip my thing out and hit a persons foot with it
Person Two: Oh, real funny.
by The Illusive Mann May 05, 2010
something that old dorky scottish people say.
"I am going to hot foot it"
by DictionaryGenius53274 February 05, 2009
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