Sweaty sex. usually doggie style. Any of you guys tried it?
He was on her sweaty back hot doggin' her dripping--whoops is that the time--?
by Curt flabbs December 08, 2003
Top Definition
Redneck term for showing off, usually in a car or on a bike.
Bubba: "Hey Susie, watch this!"

Susie's Friend: "Don't pay attention to Bubba, he's just hot doggin. He's gonna bust his ass if he don't quit showin off on that bike."
by psygirl September 08, 2004
The act of putting ones penis in a hot dog bun, then taking a picture and sending it as a 'sext'.

Variations: The act of putting ones penis in a food item with the purpose of taking a picture and sending it via text.
"Wow, Jonathan sent me a picture of his penis in a hot dog bun." "Its called hotdoggin, its the newest fad."

"I was hotdoggin and Ayla actually liked it." "Hotdoggin?" "She asked for a picture of my penis, so I put it in a bowl of soup and sent it."
#sexting #flashing #food #penis #hot dogging
by The Ace and Poleryder February 04, 2013
The act of fumbling intercourse via doggy style resulting in a man’s erect penis sliding up the center of the receiving person’s ass cheeks.
dude I was so drunk last night I kept hotdoggin that bitch.
#sex #intercourse #doggy style #drinking #fumbling #one night stand #idiot #bad lover
by Dave P B September 26, 2005
When your freak dancing with a girl from behind and your dick is sandwhiched between her buns (like a hot dog) and it feels like she's jackin' you off.
Guy one: Hey man wasn't that a crazy party last night?
Guy two: Ya dude that was insane! That girls was hot doggin' me the whole time!
#hot dog #buns #jack off #freak dancing #ass
by Tay tay tay February 10, 2008
When a male places his penis between the rolls of an obese woman and proceeds to have sex with the roll. Most would consider the love handle region preferrable for engaging in hot doggin'.
Last night I got wasted and asked some fat girl if she liked hot doggin', she said yes so we went to her placed and I hot dogged her all night long.
#hot dogging #dirty sanchez #corn dogging #cleveland steamer #roll humping #roll humpin' #hot doggin #hot dogin
by the meat master April 14, 2010
When you see a group of car salesman standing in front of a dealership.
I wish I was a car salesman again, just 'hot doggin' it, on the patio...

When a manager try's to disrupt a group of car salesman. "You guy's just hang around 'hot doggin' it!"
#hotdog #sales #manager #salesman #dealership
by kinghotdog March 11, 2010

#hot #dog #loiter #hottdogin #hottdoggin
by BakerMayn March 30, 2009
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