Is weenas. Aka "hot dawgs is weenas"
Mike: "hot dawgs is weenas"
Kevin: " huge boobs"
Brandon: "giant knockahs"
Me: I think it's pronounced hot dogs.
by YouHaveB00bies June 19, 2010
A former contestant of Australian Big Brother and current host of the uplate Games Show. Named after a food product which is actually more intelligent than him. Has been arrested for lewd behaviour in public more than once.
Hot Dogs just got fiered from the Uplate Games show and is singing about it live on TV right now

Hot Dogs: "I've been fired, I've been fired" etc
by Lady Kippington October 05, 2006
When you rest your penis directly in between your nuts, then squeeze your nuts around your penis and it looks like a hot dog
Girl: I really wanna hot dog
Guy: I've got a hot dog right here...
by WREHam April 22, 2011
Also called "Dog," this is a more private and literal term for the penis.
"Awww yeah! I ate that man's hot dog quite nicely!" said a skank-ass ho.
by Jaced Mascoli August 12, 2008
Running up to a friend or colleague and quickly thrusting your knee into their groin. Groans of pain and anger usually follow. Similar to a corn dog.
"Dude, I gave Keegan the biggest hot dog yesterday!"
"C'mon man, that hot dog really hurt."
by Numark1020 December 17, 2009
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