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: the act of smoking marijuana in the morning. see wake and bake
"Here comes the Fonz, sure looks like started the day with a Hot Breakfast!"
by Dinky Partridge October 12, 2009
a hot breakfast is the first sexual act of the day, where the woman sucks the man's dick from behind and then he takes a dump in her face. usually a part of foreplay.
We had to take a break after foreplay so Stacey could take a shower because i gave her a hot breakfast.
by hmmmmmmmmmmmmoddd January 14, 2011
When your partner wakes you up by giving you a

Oh thanks babe for the hot breakfast!
by mayjene October 25, 2014
A hot breakfast is a sexual act that happens in the morhing. To have a hot breakfast one must stand over your partner who lies face up. Your ass should be facing your partners feet. Then proceed to dip your nuts in your partners mouth teabag. While teabagging your partner take a shit on there chest biscut. Ther you have your hot breakfast.
Damian gave his ho a hot breakfast with OJ. Oh, the OJ,That's when you kill the bitch when your done.
by Damian B October 21, 2004
a sex act where your partner is face-up mouth breathing and you ejaculate in their mouth, whilst screaming at the top of your lungs "its part of a complete breakfast!!"
"dude! my old lady was sick all weekend, so this morning i gave her a Hot Breakfast!!"
by Varsity47 September 16, 2009
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