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death accelerator; for profit service which purportedly provides compassionate and joyous end of life care in which death is hastened by a combination of powerful sedatives, lack of food and water, and a complete sense of hopelessness
Granny's family was eager for her large inheritance. Granny was enrolled in hospice given her diagnoses of cataracts and dry skin, and she died 2 days later.
by Snoopy Schwarzenegger August 11, 2009
Making a person as comfortable with certain medicines, until the time for their passing comes
Person 1: Man, I heard that Jim's grandpa is in hospice.
Person 2: Oh, we should go visit him before he dies.
by Shmellbell135 October 22, 2013
The period of time ending with a person's death and beginning at the time in which they would have been put to sleep if they had been a pet.
Grandpa's in hospice care now, but he's totally out of it. I'd put him to sleep if he were a cat.
by markvw59 April 07, 2011
The secret ingredient to partying that makes for a bad ass night (or nights) of pure enjoyment, crunkness, and marijuana.

Usually associated with women.
Partier 1: Dude, this party blows. I wish there was a way to kick it into gear.
Partier 2: If only we had some ho spice.
Partier 1: *sigh* Yeah....
by Baringjes April 13, 2008
(pronounced hoe-spice) The girl who isn't quite a hoe. But she hangs out with enough hoes to gain the reputation of one.
I wouldn't call her a hoe, but she's definitely hospice.
by sammybethanyabbie December 12, 2011
A relaxing weekend getaway where you're a cut above all the rest. Sick and sad patients on first name basis with all the top physicians.
When Mary-Kate Olsen suffered from anorexia, she visited a hospice.
by Sarahhhh__ January 08, 2006
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