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Hashish, a brownish resin substance made from cannabis.
Hey, man, you wanna go score some hosh?
by Dark Coupon August 26, 2006
7 33
to make a mess off, a cock-up, to handle something badly, poor execution of a task
"i've made a right old hosh of this"
by Jim Smalley January 12, 2009
49 13
Extremely hot "Hot as Shit"

Referring to either temperature or attractiveness.
Blonde Girl in the Mall #1: "It is fucking hosh in here."

BGinM #2: "Right? Did I tell you I fucked Lyle the other day? He is so hosh!"
by faultyideal89 July 02, 2012
4 1
Can be a form of greeting, meaning hi or hey, or, according to Sashlin, is the appropriate word to follow and/or precede any random sentence.
Hosh! I fucked a duck, hosh. ;)


Go fuck a kite! Hosh!
by She_who_shall_not_be_named September 12, 2013
2 0
The word added behind a sentence to show that you mean the opposite of whatever you just said. contrary polar divergent dissimilarunlike
I really hate pizza. HOSH
by Rex Mercer December 03, 2006
32 32
HOSH. Short for- HOLY SHIT!
Alvin: "Did you see the way that guy drank his chocolate milk?"
by Alvin Lee October 21, 2004
47 47
An informal casual greeting word similar to "Hey" meant to announce one's presence.
by jason.e July 06, 2011
6 15
The mashup word of Hot & Fresh.
Mistajam, that track is hosh!
by ha-sh June 16, 2009
5 15