A slang and generally friendly term for a Candian person.
Us Hosers can drink you Yanks under the table!
by Bile Belly December 10, 2003
A derivation of hosehead which is Canadian for dickhead.
That Bu$h is such a hoser!
by HOH-zer July 21, 2003
A game term, for first person shooters, used to insult or tease a person who uses nothing but rapid firing weapons on someone using a slower firing weapon.
Aw Supaflies, ya' hoser!
by Supaflies March 01, 2005
See dragon.
Take off, you hosers!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
an ugly, stupid mofo (thats sometimes fat) that tends to say the stupidest things so people will flame them.
"hey hoser go park yur van somewhere else"
by jea May 13, 2003
a male "player" who sleeps with lots of women, women who sleep around are called "hosebags"
that hoser likes to hose all the hosebags.
by she-ra June 27, 2004
aka Jose Russel:A guy thats overal a big time dickhead. Thinks hes a pretty big time badass and an amazing football player...well hes gonna be a junior next year...and wont play a down...a pretty big theif to...steals stuff from people on his own floor non-stop. FAG
that hoser is a real douche bag
by Douche1 April 26, 2005

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