It means either, that something is fast 'Man that thing Hos'
or it means lets go 'Im gonna Hos'.
'Man that thing can Hos'

'This is boring lets Hos'
by Gilesy132 June 14, 2009
Husband Over Shoulder
used in e-cheating IM, blog, or email:

Wanna MIRL, OOPS! HOS, Bye!
by themomma December 26, 2008
hint of sarcasm
wife: hunnay do i look fat in this dress?
husband: no hunnay! you look great! hos!

by samantha i November 24, 2008
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
A word used as greeting: to greet people such as your friends especially when entering a chatroom or greeting a group of people
He logged on to IRC and typed, "hos hos everyone"
by zxc1337 April 15, 2005
the hottest, sweetest, most perfect guy in the world.
all the cool girls want a hos.
by kate April 12, 2004

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