when someone takes a fresh tin of chew and finishes it all in 5 dips.
I knew a kid once who could do a horse shoe like it was his job
by holi64 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Chewing tabbacco packed from one end of the jaw to the other
I got a big buzz of of the horse-shoe lipper i just threw in
by jkane December 21, 2004
A person, generally unattractive, who hops from boy to boy in a party setting attempting to come as close as possible to your meat without actually touching it.
That girl has been playing horseshoes with Aaron, knappy, and miker all night.
by godzillamaster April 10, 2010
Using a double ended dildo in a women's Vagina and her anus at the same time; the shape of a double dildo bent into a women's Vag and Anus
OH, Man... did you see that porn where she horseshoed that double dildo
by Jeb Cotton November 06, 2006
The primary component of the hardwear male enhancer. Specifically a U shaped metal fitting that is worn on the male genital package, chiefly around the penis and scrotum, but alternately on the penis shaft or the head, just behind the glans penis.

Worn alone the horseshoe increases the size of a man’s bulge or basket in clothing, keeping the penis in a tumescent (larger than limp, but less than hard) state.

Worn in conjunction with its companion clip for sex, a powerful constriction is formed which maximizes the size and hardness of the erect penis, prolongs love making, and increases the volume, distance, and intensity of ejaculations.

See also hardwear.
I’ve been wearing this horseshoe on my dick all day and it feels great and it makes me show bigger in my jeans.
by Big Dante March 07, 2007
when you place a line of cocaine along a toilet seat, creating a horseshoe shape.
man, there was no tank on the back of that toilet so I had to use the seat and do a horseshoe.
by ericj4 July 09, 2013
Ninja-type action, two rivals facing each other sprinting attack in which one fighter leaps into the air forming his entire being into a human shaped horse shoe. Aiming the center of the horse shoe at the opponents neck with a smooth roll out to finish the move. (paralysis is a possibility)
OH MY GOD! I got a horse shoe straight to the neck
by thumpcityslammer April 16, 2011
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