This will be the number two definition of Horsebone, and the only reason I am writing it is that the first definition is so, so, sooooo bad that the person who defined it should be hunt down and shot--sort of The Six Million Dollar Horse that limped out. Everyone should go out of their way to pan this dumb horse story. Horses are noble. This bastard has humiliated the noble horse and deserves to live in infamy. Give him neg after neg until he chokes on the rejection, friends, you among us who love and admire the great magician Fabulous Horsebone, who could take off his cape, throw it up in the air, and as it came down a beautiful white thoroughbred stallion would appear from thin air. Now that's a story.
One day Horsebone the Magician was passing through Durango, Colorado and he was requested to perform his magic at the Strater Hotel at the Nellybelle Saloon. While performing a poor man stood up and asked, "Horsebone, could you give me some income property?" Horsebone with a wave of his cape around the stage of the saloon said "Abracadabra," and 15 beautiful sensual young women filled up the stage, and the poor man walked off with them and has been happy ever since. Hmmm, not so sure if that one is clear.
by BertYevsky October 24, 2010
Top Definition
An Amercian legend such as Paul Bunyon, or Jhonny Appleseed. Horsebone is a horse that was violently killed when a plane crashed into him. Using modern technology scientist rebuilt the horse, creating horsebone! An awkward resembelance of a horse, horsebone's back two legs are made of huge springs, and has many electronic devices grafted to him, as well as a pink umbrella on his spine. Horsebone's purpose is unknow but theorists suggest he is an inadequate crime fighter.
1 Horsebone? Horsebone? What the fuck is that?

2 Dude, horsebone rules.

3 Remember kids before you run with scissors, think. Would horsebone do that?
by Z Diddy March 02, 2005
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