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someone who has sexual relations with a horse and is discreet about it.
Vinny Keesler is a horse whisperer.
by paul smtih February 01, 2008
one who whispers to horses or whorses, especially in an attempt to git frisky with the horse or whorse
Billy didn't have much luck with the sheep, so he became a horse whisperer
by billy the whorse whisperer November 18, 2003
An extremely good looking young woman with blonde hair who is an equine student, and on occasion likes to whisper (have sex) for fun...
The Horse whisperer is that innocent looking good girl who has a dirty little secret.
by Pony Whisperer December 04, 2007
A person who whispers unnesassarily, in an attempt to be discreet, but usually ends up drawing negative attention to himself, and the uninvolved victim which he choosed to whisper to. In the process, the horse-whisperer usually violates personal space.
Used as a verb:
Girl- "Why were you and Vinnie whispering about me when I walked by? It was SO obvious!"

Innocent Bystandard- "What? I had no idea what he was even talking about, that fool just Horse-Whispered me outta nowhere!?!"

Used as an adjective:
#1- "What was Vinnie just whispering to you about?"
#2- "I have no idea, I wasn't paying attention... but I guess that's why they call him the horse-whisperer."
by Vinnie Maggiulli October 12, 2007
A white girl who likes black guys
Ever since Suzzy hooked up with Jerome, she has become such a horse whisperer.
by 888888John888888 January 08, 2009

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