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big corporate lawsuits against little people
the RIAA is full of horse shit
by snake eater October 03, 2007
an expression of disappointment and disbelief. Also, it is good for depressing moments or awkward silences.
by KJ Special K January 12, 2011
It's like bullshit, but with more attitude.
Jack: I told the teacher my dog ate my homework, but he knew it was horse shit.
by RumbleRoar June 19, 2012
as opposed to bullshit, which expresses judgement on shallow, insensible, and false ideas, horseshit puts more emphasis on the speaker's distress about the message just received
From "Where's Poppa?" (1971)

Mrs Hocheiser (senile, and seemingly annoyed at the presence of Louise Callan, a nurse to take care of her): "Who is she?"

Gordon Hocheiser (to his mother): "Mom, she's here to help us."(silently) "I'm warning you, mom."

Louise (pushing Gordon to the kitchen) "Gordon, you just get things started! (to Mrs Hocheiser): "We're going to just have a nice evening!"

Mrs. Hocheiser (asides, silently) "Horseshit ...
by capitaine haddoque November 19, 2012
a loud unexplained,random act intended to shock and disturbance others.
aaron yelled horse shit after getting caught masturbating.
by bustanutface November 02, 2009
your consistency if you lie;
severe objection
Your full of horseshit!
Awww horseshit!
by theajay April 11, 2003
1. the wastes of a horse
2. a fake and gay lie
"wow dude, that thing mr.brown taught us today was complete horseshit"
by a lint licker March 10, 2010