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A subject which is a complete cum dumpster; a person deserving of severe anal rampage from a horse; a douchebag; Sam
You were such a Horse fuck last night
by Nikolay A November 09, 2007
The act of intruding into the personal affairs and expectations of another individual to a very high degree; resulting in some really fucked up shit. Commonly used by governments, lawyers, angry spouses, and insurance companies.
I'm getting horsefucked by that bloody bitch claims adjuster,because she won't include pain and suffering in my insurance claim. Cleetus and Billy Bob got theirs straightened out, I wonder how the other 47 passengers of the bus are doin' with their phony whiplash claims...hmmmm.
by Phil McCaverty December 12, 2003
Violent application of force or exuberance, succh as that displayed by a stallion while fucking
"I horsefucked that teeshot straight down the middle"
by Gurusteveage July 10, 2009
A variation on the commonplace bullshit, or horse shit, horse-fuck denotes an occurrence of bullshit which is beyond encompassing by normal, logical sounding bs.
For example, while talking on Ventrilo and playing any first person shooter:

"Horse-fuck, dude, he just shot me straight through a building!"
by Grenadeh September 04, 2009
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