a word to describe a big fat ugly bitch, usually has giant teeth hence the name horse
dude 1 : "yo i heard that bill slept with that horse the other night."

dude 2: "ya but its not his fault he was too drunk to see that kate was a horse."
by mynameismarvinthemartian July 25, 2008
An ugly manish looking girl
"Would you do her?" "Nah man, shes horse"
by Kenny -Synn- January 02, 2007
this kind of horse is not an animal, well, you decide. a horse is a person you hook up with but you only realize that they are ugly until later on. and there's no way to get out of hanging out with them. excuses for hooking up with them are: it was dark, the sun was in my eyes, or i thought i was talking to her friend. if your friends experince this, please slap them!
I didn't know she was a horse until I met up with her again today.
by YoungSir May 26, 2006
The word "horse" officially became a verb at approximately 10:55pm CST on March 10th, 2006.
To horse:
Sending mass amounts of the animated gif of a bipedal running horse.
Official emblem and weapon of The Legion Of The Horse.
-I got banned from gamesurge.net today.
-Horse them!
by Gaylee May 04, 2006
A female that needs riding.

See also... Finger Horse

"Thats a good lookin horse"

"I wouldnt mind given that horse a ride tonight"
by mccarthy and lynch September 30, 2005
Used to describe a posh person (usually a girl) with a long face and horsey features. Normally blonde pale and nasty looking!
Charlie from Busteds girlfriend is a right horse !!!
by Helen Ramjutton May 13, 2004
A mammal with large teeth, and usually a long mane, if maintained that way. Likes carrots, and has large beady eyes. Can scare children. Typically smells terrible. Also known as Trace Cyrus.
Person 1: What's that smell?
Person 2: Horse Manure.
Person 1: Oh, Trace Cyrus must be around...
by tracecyruslover0001 June 10, 2009

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