an olde decrepid nordie jaffa. Normally unshaven and loathes to bathe.
Look at the Horse in the pub. How did the Horse get a good looking girlfriend?
by peef May 25, 2007
used when very angry replaces frustrated swear words such as shit
i fell in the snow I got up and yelled HORSE!
by ramundo January 03, 2007
Heroin. Arm Candy. The Big H. Also called Crazy Horse.
"For the Horse you've grown much fonder. What in God's name have you done? Stick your arm for some real fun"

- Alice N Chains
by Dopehead February 21, 2006
To rock hard. To be very cool.
That band is very horse.
by susy March 02, 2004
A safe way of using the word Whore.
BillyBob: My girlfriend is such a horse!
Teacher: What?
Billybob: Oh nothing..
by SuperPinky December 12, 2007
A 2/multilayer Drinking game with the same rules as the basketball game Horse. The Loser is the first to run out of letters H-O-U-R-S and E. Where they then step out of the game, and the rest of the players continue until there is one left. where he then... gets a quarter from them all! hah!~
Peewee:Hey man, wanna play horse?

Mike: U mean the basketball game?

Peewee No fool! the Drinking game!!!!!!
by Peewee!!! November 17, 2006
Abbreviated version of "horse and cart", traditional Cockney rhyming slang for "fart".
He did a huge horse and the pong was fucking horrid.
by Edna Sweetlove September 27, 2006

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