The act of trying to reel in a large fish too excitedly, usually resulting in a broken line, lost fish and ridicule by his fellow fishermen.
"Zeb, don't horse that fish you fool, you're going to lose him!"
by Anonymous November 01, 2004
A huge guy, like a fuckin monster tank guy who hosses people around
That guy on Amherst is a fuckin horse.
by pers October 18, 2004
A "horse" refers to the overbite/bucktoothness of a girl. When these two things combine, the 2 jaws form a horse look.
Joe: Doesn't she look like a horse?
Bob: who? Morgan?
by nashb October 20, 2009
an erect penis; a boner, a hard on, a stiffie
"Mary-Joe likes to ride her brother`s horses."
"I love to go horse riding"
"Whenever I ride horses, I use protection."
by toxic-xx April 06, 2008
Slang term for Heroin cause it makes you look like one in short order.
Do dope and youll start looking like a horse.
by SuperDog July 10, 2008
"Found" or filler work that is used to tide you over the last half hour or so before you leave your job for the day.
It's 3:30 now and I go home at 4, but there isn't enough time for me to scan those documents. So I'll ride this horse now and leave the scanning for tomorrow.
by pentozali April 25, 2008
an olde decrepid nordie jaffa. Normally unshaven and loathes to bathe.
Look at the Horse in the pub. How did the Horse get a good looking girlfriend?
by peef May 25, 2007

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