1. Slang for heroin.

2. Slang for a sexually attractive woman. Possible echo of whore.

3. An artificial frame of one kind or another, such as a clothes horse (used to hang clothes to dry) or a pommel horse (a sturdier structure used in gymnastics).

4. Slang for sex (a horse's body often seems to closely echo human sexual features, only considerably souped up; the shapely rump, the tapering legs, the long straight hair in the tail, the phallic head and neck, the often well-defined muscles ...,).

5. An animal that, whatever about looking erotic, would be a lot more pleasant if it were genetically engineered not to be so flipping neurotic, and maybe to smell like oranges, or perhaps fresh mint, rather than shit and stale sweat.
I want to mainline me some horse.

Is Lily a horse or is she just a filly?

He's not yet that good on the pommel horse.

I want some horse with Jenny tonight.

Bring the horses down to the green shed, there is hay for them there.
by Fearman March 06, 2008
A popular beef substitute.
Mmmm... this horse lasagne is amazing.
by EmmyThomps February 08, 2013
A Horse is typically a middle aged married women who has an inner home wrecker slut inside of her perfect image. A Horse enjoys having affairs with married men. A horse is often referred to as a slag or tard.
Oh look at that Horse, she's probably going to sleep with Mr. jones, I wonder if his wife knows!
by martobs August 08, 2011
A substantially large cock. Usually larger than 9".
John-"Dude i had to buy larger boxers because my horse was hanging out the left leg"
by Dr. Catz PhD December 29, 2010
A whore or a woman that is easy to hook up and have sex with so called because you "ride" them.
I'm gona get me a ride she's horse.
by The Fury 13 November 04, 2010
An uncircumcised penis. This was commonly used where I grew up in the rural midwest during the 1950's. A circumcised penis was called an "ice cream cone."
"I've got an ice cream cone, but Tom and his brother Joe have horses so they can play with the skin."
by migringito April 21, 2009
To boldly take something that isn't yours or you are not welcome to have.
"He won't notice the car is gone, just horse it."

“My ass clown roommate horsed all the beers and didn’t replace them.”
by Dirty Lulu October 20, 2007

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