Similar to the basket ball game accept played in a night club with chicks...A group of guys (that have swagger) take turns approaching women and trying to pull of gratuitous 'shot's without bricking / getting rejected, ie. kissing, groping, hugging, dancing, etc.

Once a guy pulls off a 'shot' with a chick, the following guys have to attempt and make the same 'shot' with the same / different chick or get a letter.
After their first round at the bar, the group of guys decided to play H.O.R.S.E. Justice was first and approached a girl he didn't know in the club and starting kissing her with tongue without getting rejected...Jeremy was up next and had to pull of the same 'shot' or get a 'H'.
by 1Justice4All December 02, 2009
A fucking four legged animal that goes neigh not some street word for heroin
Person 1: I just had some horse
Person 2: No you twat you had heroin and get off drugs
by QueenOfAllSheSurveys September 14, 2015
A person with a large mouth and large teeth.
Dale Gribble looked at the picture of Julia Roberts and said, "A horse is a horse, of course, of course".
by LudwigVan December 06, 2003
horses are one of the 1st forms of transportation known to man or woman they are great animals to have for rinding in the wilderness when you want to explore nature.
they can be tamed but only with a lot of time and care. horses gallop and run very fast and is a good alternative of transportation to save the enviroment if you don't mind picking up their fairly large shit droppings
little girl says to dad "I wanna pony daddy!"

dad says " horses are better sweety I'll get you a horse"
by Sir Cook-a-lot January 30, 2008
often used to describe a large penis, for obvious reasons such as a horses penis is extremely large. Usually 6 inches and above.
really? i've heard he's horse as
by eggzypie March 25, 2011
A term that can be used in place of any other swear word, usually Fuck
Oh, horses!!
by shezza34 June 28, 2011
The shortest sentence in the language of "random people" (as in people who like to act "randomly").
People may tell you it is something else, like the sentence "I am" or even the word "Go", however, neither of them are "random".
It must have a question mark at the end. Otherwise, you are just saying the word "horse". Obviously.
Random Person 1: Hey, I totally saw a purple chicken eat a monkey dishwasher, and got pie all over his face, with a cake of cheese!
Random Person 2: Oh ... *thinks carefully* Well, why don't we run across the road so we can find a banana grapefruit with a shoe for a horse?!
Random Person 1: Horse?
(both laugh)
by geeoraysee-ee March 26, 2008

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