Someone with a massive penis
Dami has a horse

Can she take the horse tho?

Did she take the whole horse?
by Horsebd1 December 19, 2013
horsepower,as in an engine
Yeah, right! How is that big old truck supposed to have 800 horses?
by Light Joker February 07, 2005
Only the greatest animal ever! They smell realllll good!
O my god! Did you see that horse? It's soooo pretty!
by Hannah October 22, 2004
Slang term for a man with an extraordinarily large penis.
"I'd rather have a one-inch willy than be a horse; I wouldn't be able to wear skinny jeans"
"Have you seen John' dick? He's a horse!"
"There's an advert on this website that says it can triple your penis size - imagine being a horse!"
by Jack_Di December 19, 2013
synonym: game

(n) skill or ability
The cop was on his horse.
by hokulele March 24, 2010
Similar to the basket ball game accept played in a night club with chicks...A group of guys (that have swagger) take turns approaching women and trying to pull of gratuitous 'shot's without bricking / getting rejected, ie. kissing, groping, hugging, dancing, etc.

Once a guy pulls off a 'shot' with a chick, the following guys have to attempt and make the same 'shot' with the same / different chick or get a letter.
After their first round at the bar, the group of guys decided to play H.O.R.S.E. Justice was first and approached a girl he didn't know in the club and starting kissing her with tongue without getting rejected...Jeremy was up next and had to pull of the same 'shot' or get a 'H'.
by 1Justice4All December 02, 2009
a device for turning money into shit and injuries.
Every Saturday afternoon, the hospital has at least 5 or 6 horse injury cases.

Oats + bran + hay + horse = very expensive shit.
by George McBob May 17, 2009

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