A self propelled vehicle consisting of two wheels, handlebars, and a seat. Main mode of transportation in big cities such as New York City and Chicago. Typically found in stables and horse racks. Popular brands include Haro, Trek, Mongoose, and Schwinn
Man, i just got myself a red Haro horse named Sugar from the horse auction.
by Angemyster October 22, 2008
1)Usually fairly large, four-legged animal. They are (or should be) grazing animals, and therefore need large pastures or careful feeding if pasture is not available. Wonderful creatures (that do not smell bad, their shit smells bad, as does their urine, but they actually smell nice)
2)Drain of time and money, not uncommon to find horse owners who spend all their money on their horses. "My other car is a horse" is a common sight on POS cars. Or "Poverty is owning a horse"
3) "Front end bites, back end kicks, and they are uncomfortable in the middle"
My horse eats better than I do
by jkhdnishs April 07, 2008
A large sum of money
Just got paid and have a big wad of horse in my pocket.
by Ryan 69 January 06, 2006
a particularly ugly woman from shows such as; "Sex in the City"
Sarah Jessica Parker is suck a horse
by Horseman_221 March 24, 2012
A word originally used to enhance the names of sports, Horse can now fill in the place for any noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, interjection, preposition or any part of speech, in any quantity and frequency.
My favorite sport is Horse NASCAR Racing.

My favorite Horse is Horse HORSECAR Horseing.

Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse HORSEHORSE Horse Horse.
by TheLoudestFan October 29, 2008
An animal that consists of four hooves, a tail and whinnies
The horse galloped around the pasture, his hooves floating on the air, whinnying at the girl on her way to the barn.
by Jen_Johnson5 October 23, 2008
Someone with a massive penis
Dami has a horse

Can she take the horse tho?

Did she take the whole horse?
by Horsebd1 December 19, 2013
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