Someone who is not just an ass, but a big ass, indeed, a horse's ass. Someone who really makes an ass of themselves.
Ex FEMA director Mike Brown is a Horse's Ass
by No Nombre October 06, 2005
Top Definition
a stupid or obnoxious person(also a term of adress)
I refuse to be friends with a horse's ass like that.
by Light Joker March 19, 2005
The east end of a horse headed west. A stupid son-of-a-bitch.
Some people like Ed Asner's politics; I think he's a horse's ass.
by cornholio October 09, 2003
n: An oblivious idiot who generally says and does things that draw laughter at him, for being such an unbelievable moron.
"Did you see blake just shotgun that beer and then piss himself? Wow, what a giant horse's ass."
by Olen White October 19, 2007
An offensive name that can only be used if a person slaps you while you have a sunburn. Made famous on family guy when stewie says it.
Peter: Hey stewie! (slaps on butt)
Stewie: Ahh you horses ass!
by Raptapwnage August 19, 2010
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