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A reference to a females labia (as in the lips of her vagina) which after years of abuse and over indulgence have developed their own motor skills and as such have become profoundly large. In many cases as can be witnessed in the terminal bar whore variety the horse lips can be visible dangling pursed below the hem of many a mini-skirt slavering,rictused waiting for a meal. Some accounts mention an event where an extremely distended set of horse lips actually snatched a smothered burrito from a passing serving tray on it's way to a dismayed customer. Still other accounts warn of horse lips for they may hide horse teeth. A keen eye can spot horse lips on a pant clad woman...the horse lips will appear as two one pound slabs of liver jammed into the front pockets.
The velvety smooth horse lips enveloped her lovers head and he was heard from nevermore
by Jannasauras Rex February 24, 2005
Where a person has a disfigured lip that makes their lip 4 times bigger than normal.
" Dude Horse Lip is coming our way, stare at that floor!"

" Oh man did you see Horse Lip today in hockey, she actually thoguht she could play, she'd be better in net stopping pucks with her lip!"
#h l #baboon lip #clitoris lip #cunt lip #h to the l
by Acid Breaker 67 January 26, 2009
a. What you get when you take a huge pinch of chewing tobacco, and stick it in your bottom lip so it looks like a huge horse lip.

b. Can be used as a verb describing the process of taking a big dip.
a. Seriously, did you pinch half the can, because you've got a horse lip.

b. Don't give John a pinch, he horse lips.
#horse lip #pinch #dip #cope #skoal
by captain borgen October 19, 2007
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