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A horse finger is just what it says it is: a horse's finger, but if you have ever seen a horse; you would know that horses have no fingers, and that horse fingers don't exist. Which is why it is used as an insult, because if you call someone a horse finger you're saying that they are essentially nothing.
Person 1: You're a loser, a zero, a nobody.
Person 2: Yeah, well you're a horse finger
by Cannibus Indica April 20, 2004
a person who uses only two fingers (usually the indexes) to type. As a result, typing is haphazard and typos often occur. Using horsefingers is also accompanied by a 'tap tapping' similar to that of a horses shoes.
"Man that guy has horsefingers"
"OMG HorseFingers"
"Ahh horsefingers?!?"
by Kerriuer October 02, 2008
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