A gigantic penis that will cause moose knuckling and gapping in most vagina. The opposite of rice dick.
Since he has a horse cock, he doesn't care if she's got camel toe or a moose knuckle gap. It's all tight to him.
by Insectdiet May 18, 2004
Horse cock, is a term given to a meat (baloney for example), when its ingredients aren't fully known, or are suspect.
"would you like a sandwich?"

"Yes please, real meat only, omit the Horse cock."
by crazykb April 23, 2012
1. In already in a state of peril things have suddenly taken a turn for the worst.
You wake up late for a crucial job interview and you can't find your keys. "Horse cock"!
by Jack Kovack September 20, 2011
Nonsense, bullshit.
"He wants this report by noon? Horse cock!"
by 12B December 12, 2002
horse cock sandwich see example:
jenny really enjoyed her horse cock sandwich..
by gforce October 20, 2003
A 24 ounce can, containing a beverage.
Man I'm tired, lemme get a horsecock of Rockstar...

I'm all set for the game. Got my horsecock of Mickey's and some chips.
by Ernie McFinckle August 13, 2006
also known as bologna.
"hey jay what's for lounch?"
"horse cock with mustarad"
by lil big lil January 15, 2004

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