The rather large dong that grossly masculine study hall teachers whip out of their pants and slam on students' desks in order to intimidate them.
justin: mrs. ****** is a total bitch. she should fuckin die

ms. ****** (approaching): oh yeah, well what do you think of this (whips out her ginormous horse cock and slams it on the table)

brett: holy shit, that is one huge cock
by Brett BHS October 18, 2005
Nonsense, bullshit. See also horse cock
"Horsecock. He can make his own fuel run."
by 12B December 12, 2002
horse hawrs-kok noun, plural hawrs·koks, (especially collectively)

An massive erectile organ of copulation by which urine and semen are discharged from the body and that develops from the same embryonic mass of tissue as the clitoris. Coincidentally, also the name of the (former) starting excuse of a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Kyle Horsecock.

See "orton" for defined English-language learners »
1. The peen of a large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous quadruped, Equus caballus, domesticated since prehistoric times, bred in a number of varieties, and used for carrying or pulling loads, for riding, and for racing.

2. Kyle Horsecock (born November 14, 1982) is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Purdue.
by TommyTebow October 11, 2011
Hey man, whatcha bring for lunch?

Horse cock sandwich. Want half?

by The Evil Boll Weevil January 25, 2011
Any beverage in an aluminum can measuring 23.5 fl oz, or more, which can either fuck you, slam you, or otherwise black you out.
I drank all of my horse cock and woke up in the middle of a field completely naked.
I drank so much last night and I woke up in a field this morning, man i was raped by a horse cock.
by ocholokos November 26, 2010
A.) The act of driving by in your car, and screaming "Horsecock!" out the window as loud as you can at some poor bastard. Usually resulting in rude hand gestures and yelling.

B.) A horses fallis, grand in size.

C.) The movement of random yelling the phrase "Horsecock!" all the time.

D.) A synonym for "Auroch"
A.) Dude, last night I totally got Horsecock!... I was shaking my fist and yelling at them for hours... Even after they were long gone.

B.) See: Farm

C.) Horsecock isn't just a word anymore... It's a way of life.

D.) A shitty wannabe thrash metal band. Members including:
Vocalist: Kernel Sanders
Bass: Aron Winknob
Guitar 1: Paul Manooze
Guitar 2: Sabastard
Drums: Sol Cockman
by Whorescock July 07, 2009
United States Navy for bologna...
"I'm heading down to the mess deck to pick up a horse cock sandwich for mid-rats"
by Heyroadguy June 17, 2009

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