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A bunch of nasty little foods on platters at a social event. Often they are the only meal served during the entire event because the hosts are too cheap to provide a main course.

Pronounced: or-DERVS
Dude, they found maggots in the hors d'oeuvres at the company party, so nobody had anything to eat the entire evening.
by dookeyboy November 25, 2010
A meal you eat. Usually comes right before dinner. I'm getting really hungry now!
We ate antipasta as our hors d'œuvres.
by MaryEmma July 26, 2010
translates to Out Of Work in French

In the tradition of shallow misconstrued French language; i.e. Eau de Toilet (Toilet Water)
A pretentious appetizer.
by Martin Azari January 02, 2005
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