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A bunch of nasty little foods on platters at a social event. Often they are the only meal served during the entire event because the hosts are too cheap to provide a main course.

Pronounced: or-DERVS
Dude, they found maggots in the hors d'oeuvres at the company party, so nobody had anything to eat the entire evening.
by dookeyboy November 25, 2010
44 4

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A meal you eat. Usually comes right before dinner. I'm getting really hungry now!
We ate antipasta as our hors d'œuvres.
by MaryEmma July 26, 2010
6 1
translates to Out Of Work in French

In the tradition of shallow misconstrued French language; i.e. Eau de Toilet (Toilet Water)
A pretentious appetizer.
by Martin Azari January 02, 2005
21 24