hornswoggle to trick or cheat
that filthy bitch hornswoggled me!!
by kc October 01, 2003
Top Definition
The act of masturbating, or the ejaculatory fluid from masturbating, or the the act of ejaculating.
"I hornswoggled on my girlfriend's face last night"

"There seems to be hornswoggle on my bedsheets"

"My mother caught me hornswoggling last night in my bedroom"
by browny57 January 14, 2009
1)To decieve, trick, or hoodwink. To swindle.
2)A professional wrestle employed with the WWE as a two-foot leprechaun who lives under the ring.
Hornswoggle hornswoggles WWE fans out of their time by wasting it with the stupidest crap I have ever seen.
by Joey Orgler 3 July 24, 2008
One of the reasons why WWE sucks too much today. It's too fucking Kid friendly with their juvenile gimmicks like Boogeyman, Hornswoggle, and Kizarny, plus juvenile Nikolodeon phrases like JBL is Poopy. Real men say SHIT, not POOP.
WWE and Hornswoggle could go straight to hell. I hate Sports Entertainment, I love Professional wrestling. If you watch an episode of RAW or SD you probably get a half hour of actual wrestling per show, and the rest is just bullshit promos and segments. I want a little drama surrounding a wrestling show, not a little wrestling surrounding a drama show
by ROH and TNA 4 Life November 03, 2008
2) Crazy midget
3) WWE superstar
Hornswoggle loves the Lucky Charms.
Here comes Hornswoggle!
by Man-Bear September 21, 2007
A derogatory name for one of the newest initiates of the fighter pilot community
Hornswoggle couldn't fly BFM, refuel, or make corn!
by ROCC December 22, 2008
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