The definitions prior to this one are all fucking ridiculous. A horn is another word for a beer.
Gurbob:Hey lets go drink another one of this zatch's horns!

Gonepostal:Nay lets piss on the stereo in her living room and take the horns as we run out the door.

Gurbob: lol rgr that!
by Gonepostal April 04, 2005
another term for "cock-blockin".....
Man son, quit hornin' in on my kool-aid!
by ruby April 16, 2004
A person or animal's eyes.
The cop who had gone EOW shot himself between his horns.
by Jax_Ender January 22, 2004
I had some nasty beer and did some smelly horns.
by Joliet Jake July 18, 2003
Feeling very horny.
I'm horns dawg.
by Skreatch February 26, 2004
Short for Longhorns from The University of Texas.
Hook 'em Horns!
by CorporationX May 25, 2004

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