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a extremely long, bumpy, pointy, fat, and curved nose. all of those things qualify a nose as a horn, but a horn can also be a longy nose.
the leader singer of the band rush has a horn
by pimp daddy dollars January 17, 2005
13 31
To be 'on the horn', usually used when single to mean horny, and no-one but yourself to indulge with.
Oh man, I was on the horn last week... i had to jack off three times in one day.
by jimbob August 29, 2004
8 27
crackpipe, glass stem
man u broke my horn
by Big Al May 04, 2004
19 39
when the tits get hard, whether from being aroused, rubbed, or exposed to heat or cold, particularly cold
the second i left the house my boobs horned so hard you could see right through my sweater
by SexSlaveAtUrService April 29, 2004
15 36
kinda horny, kinda not horny
i'm horn, so i guess i'll go look at porn later
by horn guy September 22, 2003
5 26
Horn is a term used by musicians instead of the term instrument.
<musician1>Did you bring your horn?


<m1>whats up with your horn??
<m2>the electronics got fucked up.
by saxojon January 03, 2005
8 30
A phone, especially a cell-phone. Usually used to find out where the gig is at. Originated in Montclair, New Jersey.
Yo, I'm gonna get on the horn and find out where the gig is at.
by Fopp November 21, 2004
5 27