Verb: to have sex with another man's girlfriend.
I horned your girlfriend last night, Jeff.
by BigDaddyCavs February 16, 2011
A slang term used to describe a pipe used for smoking almost any types of drugs including Weed, Crack, Meth, and any others.
"I aint got no horn man, that pig smashed it and made me walk home"
by Dave H.... August 22, 2007
Horny: to be sexually aroused to the point that you're desperate. Wanting to get some real bad. "Horn" is used as prefix to words, such as dog.
That guy is such a horn-dog.. he is desperate for a girl.
by pnksktlz September 20, 2003
a long glass tube, sold in inner city bodegas to smoke crack
yo son, i just copped a hit, but i don't have a horn to smoke it in
by zany Zane September 17, 2007
Nobody has used this definition yet.

A horn is a musical instrument used in many classical compositions. It's known for its beautiful sound. Commonly used in fanfare. Sounds intense when there is at least 4 of them. Also known as the "French" Horn, though it did not originate from France. Type French Horn in on YouTube.

Also known as a slang word for penis.
"Did you hear the horns in the Olympic theme? Amazing."

"Time to toot my horn!"
by 3749510784781 July 27, 2007
a woman who is not currently being a hormeister. A woman who is treating her boyfriend or husband in a good natured way.
Thanks for being a good horn today. I can't stand it when you are a hornmeister and treat me so cruelly.
by Stew Sobel October 22, 2006
Slang for beer.

First used by Kizuel on the Madoshi message board.
I'm on my second horn.
by Kizuel April 04, 2005

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