Slang term for the penis; Believed to have originated in Buffalo, NY from a hockey team. The term found it's way to Brantford, ON and eventually to Hamilton, ON where it is now a somewhat common name for the penis.
"Man, that woman is driving me fucking bonkers"

"Just tell her to get over here and milk your horn"
by Gravedizzly July 06, 2006
1. horn (whor-n) noun. a man's genetalia
Yo bitty, work my horn.
Erin totally worked my horn last night.

Little kids work their pre pubescent horn.
Took a pic of my horn and sent it to this bitty.

My horn is horny.
by FUPA PENETRATOR July 08, 2011
1. A telephone.

2. A device honked by all yuppies and soccer moms when they lock their Lexuses, BMWs, or SUVs at the mall. It is a trumpet fanfare announcing to one and all that they are now locking their cars.
Megan can't come down now, she's on the horn.

Like all good soccer moms, Flannery blasts her horn a few times when she locks her Excursion.
by The Wog Whomper May 01, 2005
A word to describe a black person, mostly used by white people so it wouldn't seem offensive
there is a horn in the hotube over there.
by J Bone33 October 03, 2010
term used for adultury be the Ibis Tribe
dont horn me
by Thahib September 22, 2009
(n) A first year lifeguard at one of New York city's beaches
(v) When a senior guard makes a guard of fewer year sit his time. Also known as "Rotting"
What do you want for lunch Horn ?

He's such a Horn , look at him wearing orange to work!

Yo Horn , go get the jetty wrench and the buoy pump and grab the shoreline while you're at it.
by Cliff O'leary October 05, 2008
Verb: to have sex with another man's girlfriend.
I horned your girlfriend last night, Jeff.
by BigDaddyCavs February 16, 2011

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