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A disease that causes the infected person to be extremely horny all the time. The person will hang out around Curves and masturbate in the alley, almost as if possessed. Most money is spent on trinkets, flowers, and drinks for strangers in an attempt to get the target back to their home to watch a movie. Constant bathroom breaks. Any attention is good attention, and despite the size of the pants, they always fit extremely tightly. Wet spots left behind in seats, and a complete rejection of standing sometimes. Panting, and a lack of standards are also commonplace. Also known by its street name Hornstrosity, which can also be used as a noun. Treated by Dibido, which actually increases the horny if taken with wine or snorted.
Poor Steve, ever since he came down with that hornosis all he has been doing is watching 80s exercise videos and hanging out at rest stops.

Man, I am going to ask Tanya out, rumor is she is a total Hornstrosity and i need to get after that before they put her on Dibido.
by Jack Lalane February 22, 2010
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