Aversion to tuba music; may include the french horn
Amber and Sean left the Octoberfest early...a definite case of hornophobia.
#music #tuba #french horn #octoberfest #oompapa
by Mojo Mojowitz September 25, 2005
Top Definition
A psychological condition which causes paranoia centered around persons with increased sexual desire. See also hornophobic, hornophobe
"Why did leila freak out when that couple started making out?" "She appears to be suffering from hornophobia"
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
when a girl/s suspect a totally innocent guy with normal sexual drives, who appreciates women's beauty of being a pervert
-he totally checked out my butt that perv
-you have hornophobia, he just appreciates how nice you look in these pants.You totaly checked him out too.
#pervert #horney #phobia #guys #paranoid
by t_halzar September 25, 2005
1: What the rr fundies suffer from resulting in their unnatuiral just say no to sex bs.
2: What results from seeing a pic of ann coulter naked.
The fundies are so frightened of the natural human sexual response that, it's clear they suffer from hornophobia.
#older virgins #nuns #dobson #gay bashers #republicans
by REAL AMERICAN VETERAN September 25, 2005
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