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the feeling of being horny, but not the common variety. You are so horny, you need to have sex as if you were in a porno. Nothing but pure nasty porno sex will satisfy you.
After not unloading for a week, Matt had moved past horny. He was now horno.
by Master (FHSC) December 16, 2005
Horror Porno
The porno I watched was really horror..means a horno.

The woman in the horno got fucked to death.
by SebasPMI February 10, 2010
A type of movie or video that blends horror and pornography.
The sex was great in that horno, but I was scared to death.
by Jamie Foster July 27, 2007
The baby or product when a horse and a rhino come together and have (it). This is also known as a unicorn.
"Hey look, its a horno!" "...thats a unicorn."
by asiannnnnn>_< April 26, 2012
n. horrible porno. A porn flick that is so bad or obviously fake that you immediately lose any sexual arousal you had before watching it.
Jake: Dude, i was watching this porn video the other day, and everything was going okay until this fat chick came out and stripped. To make it worse, it turned out she wasn't a chick.

Tom: That bad?

Jake: Yeah, it was a total horno
by whitecurse15 August 22, 2009
a person who is very funny but makes up that they drill girls, kiss girls and says they get their jebes out on webcam
Horno: aww omg i nailed that ginger vix last night
everyone else : dont lie horno we know you didnt
Horno: i know :(
by ruairi led August 03, 2009
a horror porno
"On Halloween I watched a Horno about made me scared to jack off. Jason was not what i remembered.."
by theB336boys December 07, 2011