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A most excellent tequila.
Bartender, I'll have an hornitos margarita, straight up.

Bartender, I'll have another hornitos margarita, straight up.

Barrender, I'll have nmnother hrnoitos margarita, shut up.

Btenndr how buout another mgrita

Nother one please?

*vomits and passes out*
by banfito May 08, 2003
a condition involving the irrepressible urge to bang a chick with your toes.
dude, i had some serious hornitos last night, all the little piggys were fully erect
by tfollz January 02, 2011
A small phallic object used to push things.
Although he was too lazy to reach the remote. Don was seated just close enough so that he could change the channel with his hornito.
by chezmaster99 December 21, 2010
a horny male mexican
guy 1: hola holmes id tap any thing right now.
guy 2: your a hornito
by Mark haley March 17, 2009
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