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someone who is horny and hungry at the same time
John: man i'm so hungry that i could eat that chick over there

Sam: mate you are so horngy
by schnitzel September 20, 2006
When one is both Hungry and Horny at the same time, creating two urges that cannot be satisfied together. When your urges are too huge and cannot be satisfied unless you do something, destroying the other one in an unwanted and cruel way, often involving either stomach cramps or blue balls.
"Hey Riley, I had a terrible time last night around 11."
"What was wrong?"
"I was both Hungry and Horny at the same time, making myself horngy, and i couldn't satisfy myself no matter what i did. Then i was sad."
"I'm Sorry to hear, Kris, here, have a bag of doritos and some baby powder."
by Sexy Lobster Llama December 31, 2008
When you are horny for food aka hungry as fuck.
Damn I don't know about you boys but I haven't eaten since 7:30 and daddy is getting mighty horngy.

Due to my horngyness,we should eat at the Chinese buffet.
by Yungflaminhot June 18, 2016
When you are Horny and Hungry at the same time.
"I saw food and a hot person at the same time, I'm horngy.
by Maxiiimus September 05, 2015
a picture, commercial or actual food that looks so good youre become both hungry and horny at the same time.
dude, have you seen that grilled chesse with 4 cheeses and 5 slices of bacon? looked so good it made me horngy.
by rando27 March 26, 2011
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