Stupid little wrapped pieces of paper teenagers propel with rubber bands and hit people.
Damn,I just got hit with 5 hornets.
by ugly jackass October 24, 2005
A group of renagade teenagers in Staples High School Westport, CT...these teens cause utter mischeif in sporting events such as basketball, by taunting, and physically disrupting the opposing team. Can be found by there mating call...."HOORRRRNEEETTTSSSS"
"Dude, that's so hornets"
by ... November 04, 2003
1. A member of a covert group of students (the Hornetz) at Staples High School in Westport, CT that harasses opposing teams at basketball games by jeering and conducting other mischief (ex: urinating on their property in the locker room). They can be recognized by their Charlotte Hornets hats.

2. Deriving from #1, used often as "great, hot, or excellent". See examples below.
Have a hornets day!
That party was so hornets.
by CrOCKz November 01, 2003
A horny brunette.
The hornet in xHamster was choking on his dick last night.
by AyeDess July 20, 2012
A rolled-up and folded piece of paper, cardboard or other such material to form a rough "V" shape. The wide end is pulled back on a rubber band and fired as a projectile. Should this hornet strike at bare skin (esp. areas with a lot of nerve endings like the palm of your hand or inner thighs) it'll hurt like a bitch! Sometimes, paper clips may be unfolded and inserted in/used as hornets. Often used in schools, libraries and other places of study by immature kids. Don't be surprised when they cry their asses off because you popped them good, though!
Joe: Owwwww!! Damn!

Christine: What?! What happened?

Joe: Some asshat shot me with a hornet!

Immature n00b: LmAO I'M So LeEt!! LAwL!!1!

Christine: Taste my period-fueled rage, bitch!

*Christine shoots a hornet right between his eyes*

Immature n00b: OOOoOoooWWWwwWwwW!!!!!!!

Joe: LMAO! Nice shot!

Christine: Thanks!
by MegadethFan345 November 20, 2010
The word hornet can take the place of the word bullet or could be stretched to " Hornet's " and stand for ammunition as well.
Won't be sayin shit when the hornets start flyin.
by Jerrard V. Broady February 09, 2009
A projectile shoot form a rubber band. Usually just paper, but some times made of paperclips and other metal objects. Hurts and can cause welts. Banned from most schools as weapons.
I just got that kid in the head with a hornet
by ELBENZO April 01, 2008

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