(n) a bunch of crazy physco bitches who travel the world leaving trails of blood, sweat, tears, jizz, alcohol and water balloons. often times, they talk about eachother and come up with retarded names for the ugly, fat ones. sometimes they sniff coke but the ice cubes get caught up their noses. they live it up and curse a shit load.
Wow those hornets are have a water balloon fight in the hotel lobby and will not stop dropping the F bomb for heavens sake!
by sappy jaypizzle November 26, 2006
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something you shoot from a rubber band and it really hurts! (made from paper)
"The best hornets to shoot at people should be thick and probably made out of flash cards" ~ Me
by Dirge February 15, 2005
The successor to the spitball, not as gross but infinitely more painful. A hornet is a folded piece of paper, bullet-like in appearance, which is shot from an elastic band stretched between the thumb and index finger, at bare skin and unsuspecting heads. Very useful for sending notes with the added bonus of annoying the hell out of the receiver. Usually favored and obsessed over by militaristic kids who love practicing their head-shots/nut-shots on quiet kids or SPEDs. They can also be recycled for use as spitballs.
"What the hell was that?"

"Giant fly. Now could you pass me that hornet on the ground beside you there?"
by noobtacular April 14, 2008
by HORNTEFOOTBALL4LIFE August 30, 2008
A female friend that a male talks to on the interNET.
(specifically on online games).
Every time i catch you on the computer you are talking to that hornet.
by Pandora77 May 26, 2010
In Halo 3, a UNSC aerial vehicle, also known as the AV-Attack VTOL. It can fly in any direction or hover, and it is equipped with two machine guns and two tracking missile launchers. Two passengers can sit on the side and offer additional fire or simply be transported. It is not as fast as the Covenant equivalent, the Banshee, but it is more maneuverable, more durable, and deadlier. A Plasma Pistol overcharged shot will cause the Hornet to fall to the ground.
"Hornets inbound!" -UNSC Marine on The Covenant
"You, with the splazer (Spartan Laser)! Take out that Hornet!" -multiplayer
by an elite April 19, 2009
The best football team ever..06 WHSFL Vidruk Division champs. simply owned nuff sed. all hornets do is own everyone.The team that wus called "THE MOST BALLEN SHIT EVER!"
dude: did u go see those tec voc hornets own kelvin the other day?
dude2: naw man
dude: u fuckin idiot there the most ballen team ever they won thechampionship now!
dude2: oh yeah thats pretty ballin i dont fuck with those other schools n teams tho cuz there just not ballin to me.
by Hornets November 27, 2006
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