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A horn puppy is pretty much the same as a horn DOG, but a little more specific. It is used to describe someone who is perfectly sweet and charming but only wants to get in your pants. The difference between this and horn dog is that the horn dog doesn't bother being sweet or charming. It can also be defined as someone who uses the dumb "puppy-dog look" and licks their lips in a provocative way simultaneously.
Girl 1: Omg Nick is SUCH a horn puppy!
Girl 2: I know, right?
by Clo-bo and Mo-bo June 03, 2009
a young horndog; a horndog-in-training.
my boyfriend's 11yo son has been talking about girls & booty lately; he is such a hornpuppy. When he gets older he's going to be a real horndog.
by sherm8621 May 13, 2012
One who is so randy they go around humping everything in sight like a little lost puppy. They also like making wimping/moaning noises at random points in conversations.
"My friend David is such a Horn Puppy that he going around humping everythang!!"
by I'm beautiful dammit xxx November 23, 2011
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