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An extremley horny guy
Rielly is a horndog around Sophia
by Urban Dictionary May 30, 2003
179 103
Someone who is horny all the time or a horny person.
Mike tried to feel me up the whole night. He's such a horndog!
by Sgt Bigglesworth January 30, 2009
107 40
an extremely horny person. usually male.
boy: i just want some sexxxx!!!!
girl: you're such a horn dog.
by MyBFFIsAGayHornDog January 21, 2008
117 62
A guy who is always horny, and trolling for the ladies.
Who is that horndog trolling for sex on the boardwalk? Dat be Dehoux.
by the truth2u January 20, 2011
63 23
(noun): feeling very horny.
I'm a horn dawg today.
by Jake February 28, 2004
109 78
a really horny guy; a guy preoccupied with when or where or who he's going to get his next piece of action from
Little short dudes are big horn-dogs
by onawa June 04, 2009
29 10
someone who all they can talk/think about is making out or having sex.
"Oh my gosh. He wont stop talking about making out."
"Eww, Ryan is SUCH a horndog."
by NotReady November 29, 2009
42 25