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Large and ominous.
He found a big, horking bug on his dashhoard.
by C.D. Shotwell August 08, 2003
18 45
To snort anything up your nose.
I feel so good after horking cocaine
by rosefurd April 11, 2007
81 26
Consuming food with little to no consideration given to nutritional ramifications, quantity, or palatability.
"Man, John Goodman is horking down those Chili's baby back ribs."
by c1natra September 29, 2009
49 25
to regurgitate.
Horking up a hair ball.
by anonymous March 19, 2003
52 45
A loud, barking cough that often results in projectiles; honking + hacking + barking
They were wild, noisy children, as usual, except for their horking coughs and endless runny noses.
by skh0914 November 28, 2012
5 0
To drive around late at night and steal beer from open garages.
My friends and I went horking last night. We have plenty of beer for tonight.
by Phototrout August 22, 2006
17 53