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when a prostitute causes you to orgasm
Kyle: Dude, that girl is ugly.
Ryan: I don't care, she was cheap and she helped me horgasm last night.
by firecrotch69 April 12, 2007
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A whiteish looking mexican kid that's a bad-ass soccer player currently in the 10th grade. He scored the first goal of the season last year on JV. This kid doesnt like another "kid" named cesar which everybody thinks that he's a 50-year old pedophile that's trying to disguise himself as a 15 year old kid. Well, anyway, cesar scored like 2 or 3 lucky-ass goals and started acting all cocky and arrogant going around talking with his deep voice and accent saying: " I scored half the goals of the Junior varsity team" which was'nt true because there was like 10 goals scored.
Horgasm is Like Leonel Messi but except 1,000X better!
by TheHorgasm October 27, 2010
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