A throng of lifeless brats who hang about the streets vandalizing and acting stupid. A common horde features a leader (usually mentally retarded), several goons serving the leader like dogs and usually one not-as-stupid kid trying to persuade the leader not to do the stupid act but gets walked over.
-Hey guys Mike's there all alone! Let's beat him up!
-Erm... Bob we shouldn't hurt him. Last time the cops came, remember?
-Oh shut the fuck up you nerd, come guys let's whack him up!
by Serjopa June 19, 2004
A person who loves something a lot and can't give it up.
Money. Bob loves money to death and he can't get enough of it, so Bob is a money horde.
by Cindy B November 06, 2006
Weak,soft,and lame........Faction in WoW.
why play HORDE?bc you're a lame......

lvl 80 Horde in a pvp confrontation with a lvl 65 Ally.....

LvL 65 Ally>Lets do it punk horde bum
LvL80 horde> KiK!

outcome : LvL 65 ally destroys LvL 80 horde with two hits......
by Ether150 February 25, 2009
A faction of World of Warcraft. Made up of the player races orcs, trolls, tauren, undead and now blood elves.
They are generally fanatical, crazy and have no lives. During conventions such as Blizzcon the players scream out insanely to support the Horde, showing how mentally far gone they are.

Horde are a pretty barbaric lame faction, so what the Blizzard team keeps doing is taking stuff from the Alliance and putting it with the Horde.
Examples include:

-Khadgar, the Alliance's heroic archmage who nearly sacrificed his life to destroy the Horde. Now he's neutral and Horde friendly.

-Blood Elves; Quel'thalas (the blood elf homeland) has traditionally been Alliance and friendly to humanity for thousands of years in the story. The humans saved the blood elves twice, from their hated enemies trolls. Now blood elves were given some weird, bad story and shoved into the Horde, and suddenly hate the Alliance. They say they were betrayed, but that isn't true. Their prince Kael was charged with treason in Warcraft 3, and now in World of Warcraft blood elf players fight Kael anyway. So this betrayal nonsense is bullshit.

-Dalaran, a member of the Alliance since Warcraft 2. Even in current pre-Wrath of the Lich King (expansion pack) Warcraft, Dalaran is Alliance. There are Horde quests to kill these Dalaran Magi, and they fight a war against the Forsaken. Since Horde are too lame as it is, in the expansion Dalaran will be made neutral to them.

-Paladins. All of a sudden the Holy Light is like jet fuel and blood elves are happy in the pants with it.

A lot more will likely be taken from the Alliance and thrown in with the smelly, animalistic Horde in the future, so stay tuned.

Horde can also be defined as gankers, people with no lives, losers, or just plain old farts.
Elf: "For the Alliance!" -Warcraft 2

Metzen: "Lorelol guyz."

Elf: "For the - Horde? Rawr!"
*Gets naked and dances on mailbox* -World of Warcraft
by Timolas August 09, 2007

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